Stress Tested
So you can stress less at dinner.
Thanks to our Flex Proof® Technology, Dixie Ultra® plates are so strong they can handle two pounds of food with a one-hand hold. Easy.
So we took it a little further. Too far? Maybe. But you can bet that, if it can handle all this, it can handle whatever else you dish out.
Test #14
  • 2 Dixie Ultra® plates with new FlexProof™ Technology
  • 2 thick two-pound steaks
  • 1 high wire
  • 1 professional high-wire walker—food serving experience optional
  • 1 hungry family (40-plus feet off the ground)
Can Dixie Ultra® plates hold up to this balancing act?
Test #71
  • 1 Dixie Ultra® plate with new FlexProof™ Technology
  • 1 gelatin bowling ball (flavor of choice)
  • 6 gelatin bowling pins
  • 1 ladder
  • 1 hand, skilled at dropping strikes
Is Dixie Ultra® ready for this jelly?
Test #46
The Volcano Test
  • 1 Dixie Ultra® plate with new FlexProof™ Technology
  • 2 pounds of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate lava cake
  • 1 volcano (YES!)
  • Lots of burning (homemade) lava
  • 1 metallic, protective glove on one hot hand
Will this test be a piece of cake?
Test #23
  • 1 Dixie Ultra® plate with new FlexProof™ Technology
  • 2 pounds of shrimp and lobster (butter optional)
  • 20 boiling pots of water
  • 1 hand (wrist strength: exceptional)
Will the Dixie Ultra® plate sink?
High Steaks
This lady is a pro, so don’t try this at home. Except for the two-pound steak in one hand part—do that all day, every day.
You’ll fall in love with our FlexProof™ Technology, especially when getting dinner on the table feels like a balancing act.*
(*That’s right. This test was inspired by true events.)
That’s…a Big Hunk of Steak
Don’t be fooled by its sweet floral design. Behind those beautiful flowers lies one tough plate.
Its secret weapon? New FlexProof™ Technology, which allows it to hold two pounds of food with a one-hand hold!
Line 'Em Up
Hold 'Em Up
With its new FlexProof™ Technology, Dixie Ultra® plates are super strong.
Strong enough to catch a (gelatin) bowling ball dropped from a ladder. Turns out, we’re pretty good air bowlers.
And Dixie Ultra® is one pretty strong plate.
The Heat Is On
Is that a burning, homemade volcano?
Sure is.
Is that Dixie Ultra® plate with its new, awesome, amazing FlexProof™ Technology not breaking a sweat?
You said it.
In too deep?
Sometimes, things really heat up in the kitchen. So we made a plate that's strong enough to handle it all, even two pounds of seafood while held over 20 (!) boiling pots.
It was no match for our FlexProof™ Technology, which stayed shipshape all the way.