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What is the Soak Proof ShieldTM made of?
The Soak Proof ShieldTM is a proprietary coating that complies with FDA regulations regarding products intended for food contact.
Are Dixie® To Go cups made from polystyrene foam?
No, our Dixie® To Go cups are made from paper with a polyethylene coating and contain approximately 80% cellulose fiber by weight.
Do Dixie® products contain BPA?
Bisphenol A (BPA) is not used in, nor is it intentionally added to, any of our products.
Do Dixie® products contain gluten?
No, our products do not contain any wheat, rye, barley, oats or any of their by-products.
Are Dixie® Products Kosher?
All Dixie® and Dixie Ultra® products (paper bowls, cups and plates) and Vanity Fair–brand plates and bowls manufactured in Georgia-Pacific facilities are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.
Where are Dixie® products made?
All of our products are proudly made in the USA and Canada.
What does the date on the package mean?
The date on the package is the manufacturing date.
Are Dixie® products microwaveable?
Our products can be used safely in a microwave for reheating food. However, the capabilities of the microwave, the type of food and reheating practices all vary, so we do not make any specific guarantees about the use of our plates and bowls in the microwave. We advise using caution when reheating in a microwave and to always follow the microwave manufacturer's directions.
Can I heat Dixie® plates and bowls covered in plastic wrap in a microwave?
Most plastic wraps are now required to meet strict FDA standards for safe use in a microwave. Be sure to check that your plastic wrap container states that it is "microwave safe." Because microwaves heat food faster than plastic, make sure to leave space between the plastic wrap and food to prevent the wrap from melting. If you are concerned about using plastic wrap in the microwave, try using a paper towel to prevent splatter and contain moisture without the risk of melting.
Are Dixie® products recyclable?
Our cups and plates are recyclable. Products can be recycled if and only if the consumer has access to an established recycling program that accepts food-contaminated paper and plastic waste. These facilities may not exist in your area.
Are Dixie® products compostable?
Dixie® and Dixie Ultra® plates and bowls contain approximately 91% compostable cellulose fiber by weight and may be processed in composting facilities.

Dixie® Everyday cold cups contain approximately 80% compostable cellulose fiber by weight and bath cups contain approximately 70% compostable cellulose fiber by weight. Both may be processed in composting facilities that have final screening capability.

However, appropriate facilities may not exist in your area.

Dixie® products are not suitable for home composting.
Does Dixie® make wall-mounted dispensers for bath cups?
In 2005, Georgia-Pacific discontinued the wall-mounted dispenser in favor of a new, dual-size cup dispenser. Our new dispenser fits both 3-oz and 5-oz cups and sits on a countertop or other flat surface. The new dual-size dispenser is available at major retailers and grocery chains.
Are Dixie® To Go cups suitable for cold as well as hot beverages?
Yes, our insulated Dixie® To Go cups keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot.
Do Dixie® To Go cups fit under single-serve coffee brewers?
Yes, both sizes (12 oz and 16 oz) of Dixie® To Go cups fit under most single-serve coffee brewers.