The Importance of Family Time & Eating Together

Between long days at school, work and after school activities, it can be hard for your family to find the time to slow down and reconnect. But family meals can be a great time to release the stress of your days and share your lives. Family time is not only good for the spirit, but it's great for the overall health of all family members. Eating together without distractions gives families a chance to enjoy each other’s company, bond, and learn what is going on in each other’s lives.

With the rise of technology, distractions during family time at the dinner table have become common occurrences. Researchers have found that the top three distractions among families while eating together are telephone calls, texts/emails/messages, and having the television in the same room. While it is tempting to send that one last text message or surf the internet during dinner, it is important to unplug during family time. Based on our recent survey, only 20% say they eat dinner together as a family without distractions, while 60% would like more device-free quality family time.

Studies have shown that eating together as a family directly correlates to children’s relationships with their families. 76% of teens who spend family time eating together at home more than 5 times per week are more likely to indicate that they are “very close” with their family.

With the evidence stacked up, the answer is simple: Spending family time eating together is an easy way to reconnect and bond with your family. Take the time to sit down with your family tonight and get back to the simple life.