Fun Family Dinner Table Games

Dinner time is a great time for your family to reconnect, but with so many electronics and devices around now a days,it can become a missed opportunity. That's why Dixie has decided to spice up the normal family dinner with this list of fun dinner table games. Whether you're hosting 3 or 30, we've tracked down the best family dinner games around. Bring back the fun with these dinner table games.


The Famous Person Game

What you need: A list of famous people, stickers or Post-it notes, a marker.

Instructions: Write down a different famous person on each sticker or post-it note and distribute them to each guest. Make sure your guests do not see who is written on their note and have them stick it on their foreheads. People will then take turns asking yes and no questions to those around them to try and figure out who their famous person is. The game ends when the last person discovers their famous person.


What you need: A large group.

Instructions: An oldie but a goodie for dinner table games, telephone is pretty simple. The game starts when the first person whispers a phrase or sentence into the ear of the person to their right. The message is passed on by whispering, with no repeats allowed, until it reaches the end of the table. When the message gets to the last person at the table, he or she must announce what they hear to the group.

Great Minds Think Alike

What You Need: Notecards and pens for each guest.

Instructions: The point of this game is to create unison between your guests. Start by creating a list of random categories or questions. These can range from anything from "Types of Dogs" to "Designer Brands." The group is then divided in two to create teams. For each category you create, guests will write down the first thing that comes to mind. Once guests are finished writing, they will compare with team members to see how many common answers they have between them. For each answer that multiple people wrote, the team is awarded one point. The team with the most points wins.

Hidden Message

What you need: Notecards, a pen and a list of strange phrases.

Instructions: Before your guests arrive, write down a strange phrase or question on each note card. Place one notecard under each plate at the dinner table. When your guests arrive and are seated at the table, ask them to read the phrase under their plate, but not aloud. Each guest must then find a way to work their strange phrase or question into the dinner conversation as naturally as possible. If they're able to slip the question or phrase into dinner conversation without anyone noticing, they win.

Friday night meal

Guess Who

What you need: A notecard and pen for each person.

Instructions: Ask each person at the dinner table to describe themselves in three words. Each person will then hand in their card to the host, who mixes them up and reads them aloud. People must then match the description to the person who wrote it.

Finish the story

What you need:A willing group

Instructions: This game is a great way for your family members to express their creativity. Have one person at the dinner table create the first line in a story. Then, go around the dinner table with each person adding the next sentence to the story. Keep taking turns until you've finished the entire story and see where your adventurous tale leads!te it.

Famous Name Game

What you need: A solid knowledge of famous people.

Instructions: The first person at the table starts off by saying the name of any celebrity or famous person. The person to his or her right must then continue by saying the name of another celebrity whose name starts with first letter of the last name the previous person mentioned. If a person says a name where the same letter is used to start the first and last name (Ex. "Benjamin Button") then the direction of the game reverses. No name can be used twice.

Week day meals

A day in review

What you need: A very creative family!

Instructions: One person at the dinner table chooses a forbidden letter at the start of the meal. Each family member must then describe their day without using words that begin with the off limits letter. Make sure each family member gets a chance to contribute and listen as this amusing vocabulary lesson ensues.

The Memory Game

What you need: A decent memory

Instructions:One person at the table starts the game by stating a sentence (ex. "I went shopping and bought a shirt"). The person to their right must then restate the sentence and add something on to the end (ex. "I went shopping and bought a shirt and blue pants"). The game continues with each person adding something on to the sentence until someone forgets a part of the sentence.

Backwards Dinner Night

What you need: Coordination

Instructions: Backwards dinner night is exactly like it sounds: backwards! Every part of your meal should be completely backwards. If a person is normally right handed, they'll need to eat the entire meal with their left. All place settings and drinks should be on their opposite sides as well. Start the meal out with dessert first and work your way back. There may not be a winner, but your family is sure to have some fun!