Dixie® Paper Plate Penguin Craft

If you can't make it to the zoo, help your child create their own winter friend with this penguin paper plate craft! The Paper Plate Penguin is a great craft for kids and is fun for adults to try, too. Dixie® paper plates come in handy as craft materials, so be sure to keep them in stock at home. Follow the instructions below, and you will see that with just a few materials, you can create an adorable little penguin. You may also use this penguin paper plate craft as an opportunity to teach your kids about penguins.

Fun penguin fact: Most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere!


Too cold for the kids to play outside? Stay in and help your child craft this cute penguin in the spirit of winter!

What you’ll need:
Paper Plate
Black Paint
Craft Glue
Orange, Black and White Construction Paper

1. Begin by folding in the sides of the paper plate and folding down the top. Glue in place.
2. Paint the folded in/down portions of the plate black and allow to dry.
3. Cut a beak and feet from the orange construction paper. Glue those in place.
4. Cut eyes from black and white construction paper. Glue those in place.