Dixie® Leprechaun Hat Craft: A St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Children

This adorable leprechaun hat craft is a great project idea for your children. If you are looking to help get your kids in the spirit of St. Patricks Day by creating a festive craft, this project by Dixie® disposable tableware will be perfect. Decorate your home with the leprechaun hat craft to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Use this time to introduce your kids to the meaning behind the worldwide celebration of St. Patrick's Day, and why leprechauns are associated with the holiday! Share this rich history with your child while celebrating St. Patrick's Day and making fun Dixie® crafts.

Here is some background on St. Patrick's Day to get you and your children in the spirit:

  1. St. Patrick's Day is in honor of Ireland's Patron Saint, Saint Patrick.
  2. The leprechaun comes from an old folk's tale of a small, mischievous old man that works as a shoemaker and has a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If a human can catch the leprechaun, he/she will be granted 3 wishes in exchange for the leprechaun's freedom--that is if he doesn't escape first!


What you’ll need:
2 Dixie 5 Oz. Cups
Gold Glitter
Craft Glue
Yellow, Black and Green Construction Paper

1. Deconstruct a Dixie® 5 oz. cup and place it on top of a sheet of green construction paper.
2. Trace around the cup, adding a little extra room on one side to allow for overlapping. Cut along the outline.
3. Wrap a new Dixie® 5 oz. cup with the green construction paper and tape or glue the overlapping piece.
4. Cut a three inch strip of black construction paper to make a band for the hat. Wrap the strip around the cup and tape or glue the overlapping piece.
5. Using yellow construction paper, cut a small square for the buckle, then cut a smaller square from black construction paper and glue it on top of the yellow buckle. Apply gold glitter for some sparkle!
6. Cut a large circle from green construction paper to make a brim for the hat. Glue the green brim on the bottom of the widest end of your cup. Now your Leprechaun hat is complete!