DIY Halloween Mask: Try Our Monster Mask Craft

Fun Halloween crafts are a great tradition to start with your family. Try our DIY Halloween mask craft idea this fall season. Let the kids use their imaginations to create their own not-so-spooky monster masks to play with during the month leading up to October 31st. Get ready for your little monster to start jumping out of hiding spots to try and scare you – at least if she does it wearing the DIY Halloween mask you made together, you’ll know it’s her and not some other ghoul!

Crafts can be more than just a fun activity – if your little guy is easily spooked by the creepier Halloween decorations around the neighborhood, tell him that this DIY Halloween mask is a chance to make up his very own protective monster. He can make and wear his unique monster mask to scare off “bad” monsters that may be keeping him up at night. Doing our monster mask craft together can be a chance to talk about how monsters are just fun pretend characters that we use to get thrills and chills around Halloween.

Your little ones will probably still need a hand from you to do this DIY Halloween mask, so be ready to help them with cutting and using scissors. If your family makes a lot of crafts (or keeps Dixie® paper plates around for family meals) you’ll probably have everything on hand that you’ll need for this monster mask craft activity. Just in case you want to check before getting started, we’ve provided a handy list:

Halloween Monster Mask

What you’ll need:
Dixie®Paper Plates (1 pack)
Crafting paints and marker/pen
Twine or String (2 feet)

1. Have an adult cut the plates in half
2. Paint each plate with a solid color
3. When the paint dries, mark where you'd like to have the eyes to be with a pen
4. Have an adult cut out the eye holes
5. Use other paints to decorate the rest of your monster
6. Allow paint to dry, then punch holes on the left and right sides of the plate
7. Insert string through each hole and tie in the back
8. Wear and scare!