Homemade Bird Feeder Craft

Bring beautiful birds to your backyard with this simple and fun homemade bird feeder craft. You and your kids can enjoy some crafts-time putting together these paper cup bird feeders. Once you're all done, you can hang them from the trees around your home and spend time learning about the different types of birds found in your area. It can be great fun and educational!

Follow these handy instructions below, and then watch as your backyard turns into a wonderful sanctuary for you and your kids' favorite species of birds when they flock to your homemade bird feeders. With just Dixie® cups and a few ingredients, you'll be birdwatching in no time!

Expert bird feeding tip:

Choose your seed wisely, based on the birds that you would like to attract. Typically, anywhere bird seed can be purchased will have multiple types of seed to choose from, from cracked corn to sunflower to thistle. Read the label information to find out which seed your child's favorite birds like best!


What you’ll need:
Dixie® Cups
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed

1. Make a small hole in the bottom of each Dixie® 5 oz. cup
2. Take a piece of ribbon. Knot it on one end, and thread it through the hole so the knot is on the inside of the cup.
3. Spread the outside of the cup with creamy peanut butter
4. Roll the cup in bird seed. The seeds will stick to the peanut butter
5. Tie your bird feeders to tree branches at different heights, and enjoy watching the birds.