Transform Dixie® Craft-imals™ kids paper plates,
bowls & cups into a zany playtime zoo before or
after mealtime!


Our disposable paper plates & bowls feature 3 safari designs in every variety pack and our disposable paper cups feature 10 safari designs in every variety pack.


We designed Dixie® Craft-imals™ for little hands to easily cut and fold our disposable plates & bowls into colorful face masks, finger puppets and stand-up figures. They can also create a wacky make-believe safari by cutting & stacking our cups to create over 90 different animals!


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Reach for our sturdy collection of wild n’ wacky paper disposables when you’re serving up anything from a big feast to a small snack for your little explorers. Dixie® Craft-imals™ are specially-designed to hold up to all kinds of messy meals, tiny treats and drippy drinks.