Outdoor Party Planning Tips
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Turn your backyard into a beautiful destination for an outdoor party.

A beautifully decorated outdoor party can be truly magical! Try some of these decorating tips for outdoor hosting success.
1. Create mood lighting

Hang string lanterns from trees to make your outdoor party glow, or loop strings of outdoor party lights from branches and around the table for a subtle, beautiful light.

2. Decorate with items found in your backyard

Find inspiration for outdoor party decorating right in your backyard: add a pretty touch to a buffet table with a basket of pinecones, or float fallen flowers in shallow, clear glass bowls filled with water.

3. Flowers are pretty and appealing—even in pots

No time to get to the florist? Grab a pretty pot of annuals from your front step or garden and place it in the center of the table for a quick, no-fuss outdoor table centerpiece.

4. Light up the night with candles

Use candles on the table if you’ll be dining outdoors after dark. Votives can be set in wineglasses, jars or tin cans with holes punched around the sides. You might even consider a row of luminarias to escort your guests home after dark.

5. Glass jars can illuminate a party from above

To create magical overhead lighting, make wire cradles for jars and suspend them from trees. You may also be able to find glass jars that already include a hanging wire, thanks to the popularity of this particular item at weddings right now.