No More Manic Mornings

Are your mornings frantic? Always feel like you’re forgetting something when you head out the door? Try some of these tips to make your mornings a little less manic.

1. Do a sleep check.

Slow mornings often mean you didn’t get enough sleep. Get ready for bed early and make sure the kids are asleep before you turn in.

2. Start the night before.

Plan outfits ahead and lay them out. Make sure backpacks are packed. Even set the table for breakfast!

3. Make it easier to be organized.

Create a space for your kids to put their backpacks and other school things so they’re always there when they need them.

4. Post a calendar.

Put it in plain view so that everyone can see what’s going on for the day and you’ll never miss another science project.

5. Get ready first.

Make sure that you’re dressed and ready, so it’s easier to help with the little ones.

6. Give everyone an alarm clock.

Kids as young as four or five can use an alarm clock. They’ll learn to wake up on their own and take the pressure off of you.

7. Make a battle plan.

Write out your morning routine and see where the hiccups occur. Then, plan to make those moments more efficient.

8. Turn off the TV.

Even if you’re just stopping to check the weather or news, TVs have a way of hypnotizing everyone and making you late.

9. Make mornings about family.

Eat breakfast together. It gives everyone something to look forward to, even if they're not all headed off to work or school.