Liven Things Up With A Family Idea Jar

Avoid the “boredom blues” with one simple trick that lets your family use their creativity to collaborate on ideas and activities. Create an idea jar for family members to write ideas on pieces of paper and place in the jar—just pull one out on a rainy day (or any day you’re bored). You can write things like DIY crafts, things you’d like to color or draw together, interesting facts you’ve just learned, activities to do in the yard, inventions, game ideas and more! Choose one whenever you have time, and you’ll always have something to talk about, do together or learn from each other.


1. Find a clean mason jar, candy jar or vase that you can easily reach inside.

2. Decorate it! Cut out paper, use stickers. Anything to make the idea jar your own.

3. Cut a few pieces of paper into slips and write down your conversation starters. Encourage your kids to add ideas as well.

4. Put the slips of paper into the jar and place the jar somewhere convenient where you can grab a slip from it any time.

5. Keep the conversation going. These aren't just questions, after all. They're there to start a conversation.