How to Host the Perfect Cookout

Article Written by Dixie
Love good friends, good food, and the great outdoors? Sounds like you're ready to host a backyard cookout. Here are 6 steps to pull it off.
Keep Your Menu in Season

Check local farmer’s markets, butchers or fish markets for the freshest veggies, fruits, meat, and seafood to serve.

Make a Drink Station

Offer lemonade and lots of water. Keep drinks in cans and bottles chilling in plenty of ice

Set the Table

Provide enough plates and napkins for everyone—arrange cutlery in decorative cups or bundle them with ribbon. Place serving forks and spoons beside side dishes.

Get Cooking

Know how long your grill takes to get going and how much time each type of food needs to cook. For example Honey-Lime Grilled Chicken Wings take a few minutes longer than Sesame-Soy Glazed Corn on the Cob.

Veggie Cups for Everyone

Set paper cups full of vegetable sticks and small bowls with dip. This gives guests something to snack on while other food is grilling.

Self-Serve Desserts

Customize a dessert table with an Old-Fashioned Cherry Pie , fruit salad, Grilled Peach Cobbler and a cooler full of frozen treats.

Looking for a clever theme for your cookout? Get started with these ideas.