How to Host the Perfect Cookout

How To Host The Perfect Cookout With Dixie (Infographic).


Love good friends, good food, and the great outdoors? Sounds like you're ready to host a backyard cookout. Here are 6 steps to pull it off.

Keep Your Menu in Season

Check local farmer’s markets, butchers or fish markets for the freshest veggies, fruits, meat, and seafood to serve.

Make a Drink Station

Offer lemonade and lots of water. Keep drinks in cans and bottles chilling in plenty of ice.

Set the Table

Provide enough plates and napkins for everyone—arrange cutlery in decorative cups or bundle them with ribbon. Place serving forks and spoons beside side dishes.

4. Get Rollin’.

After a summer away from school friends, it can take a while for kids to reconnect. Make it easier by having a back to school party at a local roller rink. Doing an activity together like roller skating lets them get back to having fun together while trying something new.

5. Make Your Own Mixtapes.

Remember having to hit the “record” button on your tape deck when your favorite song came on the radio? Or maybe you recall the after-school hours spent “burning CDs” for your friends. Either way, teach your little ones the value of a curated playlist. Dedicate an afternoon to making your own digital mixtape for each other or friends, and base it around a certain theme (back to school music, anyone?) You can even turn it into a competition and have family members vote on their favorites!

Looking for a clever theme for your cookout? Get started with these ideas.