Host a Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Bash

Why pay for a sitter and fight the crowds when you can ring in the new year at home? Learn all of the secrets to hosting a successful New Year’s Eve party so you can start the year off surrounded by family and friends.

Crafty Countdown

Create New Year’s Eve-themed noisemakers to keep kids entertained before the clock strikes midnight. Have them decorate the bottoms of two paper bowls. Add dried pasta or beans to one, set the other on top like a lid, rim-to-rim, then staple shut. Add glittery ribbons and streamers around the edges to add some flare. Have your custom noisemakers ready to shake at whatever time you decide is “midnight” for the kids.

Resolutions & Reflections

Print out New Year’s resolution worksheets for your guest to fill out. Find a free one online or create your own, which should include a space for current information and interests, reflections and resolutions. Take turns sharing your thoughts, then post the sheet somewhere you can see it daily to help you stay accountable. Consider making it a tradition!

Sweet & Easy Treats

Make no-bake dessert shooters by dipping the rim of small cups in warm chocolate, then sprinkles. Once dry, fill with pudding topped with whipped cream and a cherry. For a self-serve snack, fill a big tub with popcorn, set out a stack of bowls and offer mix-ins like chocolate sauce, cinnamon and caramel candy. For drinks, have plastic fluted glasses ready—champagne for the adults and sparkling juice for the kids.

Party Atmosphere

Rig up a balloon drop on the ceiling. Let the kids go wild with streamers. Set up a sheet as a photo booth backdrop and supply a box of props, such as top hats, stick-on mustaches and boas. Set out plates, markers, scissors, wooden dowels and tape for guests to make their own thought bubble props, too.

Make It a Sleepover

Have kids bring their pillows and sleeping bags to the party in their PJs until they conk out together. When parents come for morning pickup, host an open house holiday brunch to extend the New Year's fun a little longer.

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