How to Create a Family Mission Statement

Life is busy, so it’s more important than ever to identify what’s most meaningful to your family. What are your goals? If you set them together, you can work toward them together. Try creating a family mission statement to focus your efforts for togetherness.

1. Call a family meeting.

Make the kickoff a special occasion to get everyone excited. Get pizza or go to the park and talk for about 30 minutes, or until people start losing interest.

2. Discuss your goals.

What kinds of things do you want to do together? What makes your family special? Let everyone speak and take notes to start shaping your mission statement.

3. Narrow down ideas.

Distill all this brainstorming into a list of top priorities. Discuss, vote and whittle the original idea list down until you have something you can all agree on.

4. Write your statement.

Take a look at your priorities, and see what they have in common. This should be the drive of your mission statement. Make it short and memorable.

5. Display your statement.

Hang your mission statement in a prominent place in your home so you can be reminded of it regularly. Review and revise it annually, letting it grow and evolve just like your family.