7 Ways to Streamline Your AM Routine

Every morning the alarm goes off, and it’s off to the races. Don’t let the morning rush eat up your breakfast—try some of these tips (and recipes) to streamline your morning routine.

1. Pack lunches the night before.

Don’t waste time in the morning while you should be enjoying breakfast. You’ll have more time to assemble thoughtful, healthy lunches the evening before.

2. Plan a weekly breakfast menu.

It works for dinner, so why not breakfast? If you know what you’re having each day, you can eliminate guesswork and shop accordingly.

3. Give your blender a workout.

Blend 2 cups of frozen berries, 1 cup yogurt, 2 tablespoons nut butter and a ½ cup of milk or juice for a delicious smoothie you can have on the go in a convenient Dixie® To Go cup.

4. Make more on the weekends.

Is Sunday pancake breakfast at your house? Make an extra batch and freeze them for a special midweek breakfast.

5. Wrap It Up.

Tortillas aren’t just for lunch. Roll up cream cheese, jam, a slice of turkey and lettuce in a flour tortilla for a savory-sweet morning treat.

6. Zap your eggs.

Instead of making pans dirty, crack your eggs into a microwave-safe Dixie® bowl. Stir and cook for 45 seconds, then repeat. Stir in any extras you like, and let them sit for one minute under a paper towel to finish cooking. 

7. Get up (a little) earlier.

The snooze button can be tempting, but even just five extra minutes can be the difference between a leisurely cup of coffee and rushing out the door.