7 Ways to Get Them Off Their Devices

Do texts seem to get in the way of conversation at your house? Do you feel like smartphones get more face time than faces do? Try some of these new house rules to get your family to reconnect.

1. Make meals screen-free.

Don’t waste one of the most communal events of the day. Turn off the TV, and put your phones in the living room.

2. Textless Tuesdays.

Designate a weekly device-free family night and spend the time doing something you all enjoy, like hiking, biking or board games.

3. Make eye contact mandatory.

When you talk to each other, look each other in the eye. No uh-huhs or just-a-secs as you scroll through Facebook.

4. Device blackouts.

Set aside an hour of the night when your home becomes screen-free for the remainder of the night. It can actually help you relax, and you’ll sleep better,too.

5. Make the car device-free.

ou’re sitting in a small space together with time to pass, but without the pressure of eye contact—take advantage of the situation and talk.

6. Take a vacation from your screens.


When you go away together for a special weekend or longer, make it a vacation from devices, too.

7. No screens in the bedroom.


Without being able to veg out in their bedrooms alone with their phones or TV, kids are more likely to hang out in the living room longer.