7 Delicious Holiday Gift Ideas

Half the fun of giving these gifts is putting them together. Consider hosting a gift-making assembly line with your family and get everyone checked off your list in one afternoon!

1. Christmas Cones.

Take ice cream cones, dip in white chocolate, decorate with sprinkles or crushed peppermints to make each one look like a Christmas tree when turned upside down. Put on a paper plate and wrap with cellophane and a bow. Later, the lucky recipients can flip right side up, fill with ice cream and eat.

2. Dessert Plate.

What neighbor wouldn’t want a plateful of your best holiday baking? Assemble cookies, bars, candy and other sweets on a pretty paper plate (so there’s no pressure to return anything), cover with plastic wrap, top with a bow and deliver! A dessert plate is also great way to spread cheer and give back during the holidays.

3. Cookie Kits.

What layer all of the dry ingredients for chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or other favorite cookie recipes in glass jars. Tie with a pretty ribbon and recipe card with the rest of the instructions. (You can do the same with oatmeal ingredients- dried fruits, nuts, steel cut oats- for those who prefer a healthy breakfast over sweets.

4. Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Sticks.

What Anyone who loves salty-sweet treats would love to get chocolate-covered pretzels. Large pretzel sticks dipped in white or dark chocolate look especially cute standing in holiday-themed paper cups wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow. These also make great center pieces at a holiday or New Year's Eve party.

5. Soup Mix.

Beans, pasta and seasonings layered in a wide mouth glass jar makes a gorgeous gift. Create a customized beautiful label and white the steps to the recipe. Finish with a meaningful message to the recipient.

6. Flavored Oil and Vinegar 

For all the salad lovers out there, find recipes for flavored oils and vinegars, which usually need to be steeped with lemon peels, herbs, canola oil, or apple cider vinegar. Pour the finished product into dark glass bottles and top with a cork. Label with a white china marker or grease pencil.


7. Dip Mix.

Layer dehydrated veggies, dried herbs and spices in a jar made pretty with a homemade instruction label and ribbon. Your gift-center can turn a scoop of this into yummy dip by blending with mayonnaise, sour cream, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or all of the above.


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