6 Secrets to Hosting a No-Stress Holiday Party

It may sound like a myth, but a no-stress holiday party is entirely possible with a little planning and the right supplies. These tips will help you pull it off with very little effort.

  1. Consider an “open house” style party where guests can come and go informally from mid-day until evening. This way you’re not obligated to serve meals and can set up fun finger foods and appetizers. For example, individual paper cups filled with veggie sticks and dip. Festive paper plates and plastic cutlery are going to be your best friend, no matter what type of hosting style you prefer.

  2. Decorate with inexpensive greenery and flameless candles. Their flickering will lend convincing warmth long into the evening (and no fire hazard!)

  3. Set out platters and serving spoons to prep your buffet the night before. Then set out the food just before the party, and keep warm as guests arrive.

  4. Create DIY drink and dessert stations with labeled mixers and toppings so guests can customize their own creations whenever they please

  5. Be sure to place paper napkins in plenty of spots to protect your things from greasy finger prints or spills! 

  6. Create a playlist ahead of time so you only need to press play when your guests arrive. Or, choose a radio station and stream holiday music all day long.


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