‘Tis the Season: 5 Ways to Give Back as a Family

Help others this holiday season by completing these charitable activities you can do as a family.

1. Shop for others.

Help kids understand that the holidays aren’t just about receiving—it’s about giving too. Donate to a charity or go shopping for kids who are in need. During your next holiday shopping trip, have your kids pick out presents and deliver them together.

2. Visit a local senior center.

Bake or create edible holiday gifts to bring with you and write uplifting holiday cards too! Call ahead to make sure it’s okay to bring these items, then arrange a drop-off time and see how much will be enough for everyone. Go from room to room together, greeting residents with big smiles, wishing them happy holidays and leaving each person with festive treats in paper bowls or on paper plates. (Tip: fresh fruit and nuts are a great alternative to sweets!)

3. Be kind to strangers.

Together, brainstorm ways (big and small) to spread holiday cheer outside your circle of family and friends. Commit to carrying out as many as you can. Think: Buy another family’s meal at a restaurant, return someone’s cart at the grocery store or give your server an extra-big holiday tip. 

4. Help the hungry.

Shop for canned goods then drop them off at a food bank together or make it a larger holiday food drive and pick up donations from neighbors too. Find a local church or soup kitchen that could use volunteers to help serve meals around the holidays or bring a platter of snacks and treats to a shelter and hand them out to those staying and working there.

5. Help a neighbor.

Look around your neighborhood and think of ways you can help. Shovel sidewalks, offer to run errands or help wrap presents. Drop off a warm meal, a holiday card or a handmade ornament. Consider hosting a neighborhood holiday party. Building community and letting your neighbors know you're there for them is a wonderful way to make a difference.

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