5 Indoor Family Fun Night Ideas

As our community joins together and we spend more time at home with our families, it’s important to add a little fun to our routines to avoid the “boredom blues.” Family nights are a great way to get everyone creating memories together instead of in separate rooms, looking at separate screens.

1. Camping In.

Bring the fun of camping indoors by setting up a tent, rolling out the sleeping bags, handing everyone a flashlight and letting the (not too) scary stories begin.

2. Stargazing.

Take a look up at the sky—even without a telescope, you can point out many constellations. Check the calendar for a meteor shower or comet for extra fun.

3. Game Show Night.

Star in your very own game show, complete with gong bangs for correct answers. Take turns being judges so everyone feels like part of the process. 

4. Family Idol.

Become pop stars for the night in the hottest singing competition this side of the dining room. Hopefully there are no Simons on the panel.

5. Kid-chen Confidential 

Let the kids plan the menu, prep the ingredients and even cook the meal. They'll have fun and gain a greater appreciation for the job you do night after night. 

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