5 Fabulous Fall Party Themes

Autumn’s arrival is reason enough to celebrate—pick one of these fun party themes to welcome the season!

1. Pumpkin Painting Party.

For a fall take on popular paint-and-sip soirees, trade canvases for pumpkins. First, clean and treat them with a painted-on sealant. Then have plenty of paper-covered tables, preferably outside, stocked with paint, brushes, stencils and other supplies. Print out designs for inspiration. Offer a simple spread of cheese, fruit and wine, plus juice boxes for kids.

2. Fall Sweets Swap.

Why wait until the winter holidays? Have guests bring their favorite fall-flavored goodies such as pumpkin bars, acorn cookies, chocolate-zucchini bread or mini apple pies. Provide leaf-shaped cutout cookies for the kids to decorate. Have sturdy paper plates with a festive design ready to safely transport treats home.

3. Chili Cook off.

Invite guests to bring a slow cooker containing their best recipe. Number each pot and set out lots of small cups and plastic spoons for tasting. Create an anonymous voting station with slips of paper and a covered plastic container with a slot cut into the top. (Winner gets a prize!) 

4. Harvest Fest.

Gather around a bonfire with lap blankets. Set up a snack table with popcorn, donuts and cider with cinnamon sticks, served in to-go cups to keep drinks and hands warm. Snuggle in for an outdoor movie to cap off the night.

5. Casual Campsite Party.

Lay down sleeping bags and pillows for lounging and ask guests to bring camp chairs too. Offer self-serve canned drinks in labeled coolers and easy outdoorsy snacks, such as trail mix and jerky. Bring out one of these old school games and set up a tent for kids to play in. Stock a DIY campfire treat bar with s'mores and tinfoil-baked apple fixings. 

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