5 Animal-Shaped Snacks Almost Too Cute to Eat

Even the pickiest eaters will want to try these adorable snacks inspired by zoo animals. They’re so easy to make, your kids can help too!

1. Fruity Peacock.

Slice a pear in half and place on a paper plate for the peacock’s body. For his feathers, arrange halved grapes, sliced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or whatever fruits your kids like, in a fan shape around the pear. Cut the remaining fruit into shapes for his eyes, beak, and feet. This will be a hit at your next family gathering or fall party.

2. Waffle Lion.

Toast a frozen waffle and place on a paper plate. Drain canned mandarin oranges and arrange around the waffle to create the lion’s mane. Use blueberries for his eyes and a halved strawberry for his nose. Draw his mouth with syrup—get creative and have fun!

3. Panda Pudding.

Spoon vanilla pudding into a small paper cup, smoothing the top. Then use chocolate pudding to form the shapes of the panda’s eyes and nose using the back of a spoon. Finish off with two mini chocolate cookies for ears.

4. Kiwi Turtles.

Peel a kiwi, then cut it into four thick slices and put them on a paper plate. Place a green grape at the top of each slice for the turtle’s head. Cut eight green grapes in half and arrange four halves around each kiwi slice to make the legs. Cut a green grape into quarters for the tails.

5. Honey Bear Toast.

Toast a slice of whole-grain bread and spread with honey. Put two banana slices on the top two corners of the bread for ears and one in the middle for the mouth. Add a raisin for the nose and two more for the eyes.

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