4 Classic Family Table Games

Whether you’re hosting three or thirty, games are a great way to get everyone in on the fun around the table. Try one of these classics the next time everyone is gathered together.

1. Guess Who.

Grab a pencil and note card for each person, and ask them to write three words to describe themselves on the card. Each person then passes their card to the host, who shuffles and reads them out loud, letting everyone guess who matches the description.

2. Finish the Story.

This game is great for creative families. Have one person tell the first sentence of a story. Each person then continues with another sentence. Keep taking turns until you’ve finished and see where your adventure takes you.

3. Famous Names.

Start by saying the name of any famous person or character. The person to your right must then continue with the name of a famous person or character whose first name starts with the first letter of the last name of the person previously mentioned. Change direction if someone picks a name with repeated initials, like Benjamin Button. 

4. Hidden Messages.

Write down strange phrases or questions on notecards and give one to each of your dinner guests. It's their job to find a way to slip what's on their card into the conversation without anyone noticing.