3 Weekday Table Games

Even everyday meals can be a chance for you to have a bit of fun with your family. These easy table games are great for spending a small, special moment with your loved ones while you eat.

1. Day in Review.

One person chooses a letter. Then, going around the table, each family member describes their day without using words that begin with that letter. You’ll find it’s harder than it seems, so enjoy the amusing vocabulary lesson that ensues.

2. Memory Game.

Begin by stating a sentence. Each following person must then restate the sentence and add something of their own. For example, if the sentences begins, “I went shopping and got a red sweater,” you could add “and a pair of blue pants” or “and took a trip to the food court.” The first person to forget part of the sentence loses.

3. Backwards Dinner Night.

Switch it up one night, and ear your dinner backwards. If you're right-handed, switch to your left. Change place settings to be opposite as well. And the most fun of all, start your meal with dessert and work your way back.