For nearly 100 years,meals and memories have been shared over Dixie products. To celebrate our long history of bringing people together, we're introduing a brand new look for Dixie. And with the same quality products as ever, you can keep sharing great meals and making even more memories.

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Dixie® History Timeline: About Dixie®

From cups to plates, Dixie® has been helping make mom’s day a little easier for over 90 years.

Conveniently germfree.

Born of necessity, Dixie® products began with a simple idea: prevent the spread of germs. At the time, people commonly used a community cup or dipper to drink water from public water barrels. Hence Hugh Moore and Lawrence Luellen constructed a simple yet revolutionary idea, the disposable cup, initially named the Health Kup. This new cup was truly a design for the ages.

Lightening mom’s load.

During the baby boom following the second World War, moms looked for modern conveniences to help them get through their busy days. Around this time, Dixie® introduced cup dispensers for the kitchen, paper plates and paper serving platters.