"SPARKLE® PICK-A-SIZE® 24 SPIRITED PRINTS PAPER TOWEL ROLLS" "$30.99" "https://d3f8e2yx8gxglk.cloudfront.net/adaptivemedia/rendition?id=00b669223f3000a65ab94729a9870acac50a1d2e&vid=00b669223f3000a65ab94729a9870acac50a1d2e&prid=65Wx65H&clid=SAPDAM" "outOfStock" "USD" "

Sparkle Paper Towels with Thirst Pockets are just the thing for an affordable, effective clean! This pack of Sparkle Paper Towels has 110 2-ply sheets on every roll to get the job done. With Pick-A-Size, you can use just what you need to fit the task. Waste less, save more. Great for kitchen & household clean-up, with even more uses for food prep, DIY, outdoors & more.