"INNOVIA AUTOMATIC UNDER CABINET PAPER TOWEL DISPENSER IN SILVER" "$149.99" "https://d3f8e2yx8gxglk.cloudfront.net/adaptivemedia/rendition?id=0e0c19c676173bda1c2b5f65665b5d5ad7039b3d&vid=6c6b370787c79aaf31a073dfde99947c174218e6&prid=65Wx65H&clid=SAPDAM" "outOfStock" "USD" "
  • The innovia automatic paper towel dispenser creates less waste and the hands free operation means less risk of cross contamination
  • The towel dispenser gives you the exact amount of paper towels you need then automatically retracts any excess towels
  • Unit allows to easily load any standard household paper towel roll with one hand
  • It works with Brawny® and Sparkle® paper towels